Hxcxrst Travel pillow-100% memory foam neck pillow support pillow with storage function, with eye mask and earplugs…

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Made from breathable polyester, this pillow is so breathable that never disturb you, making your entire long-distance flight easy and enjoyable. Build in High-quality viscoelastic memory foam and soft velvet, you will experience velvet comfort after it intimately touches your skin. Rope of pillow can be adjusted according to your personal needs
Our travel pillow can provide perfect support to protect the head and neck from pain when you are on long road trips, train rides or flights. Comes with eye masks and earplugs for a more comfortable sleep. You can use it at home when watching TV, reading, working or anywhere you need it
It has a good elastic effect, just like a bed pillow. When you lean on the seat of an airplane, car or bus, you will feel unprecedented comfort. Provides a good sleeping environment for the rest of the neck.