Maliton Inflatable Travel Pillow – Airplane Neck Pillow for Sleeping Travel Rest Pillow to Avoid Neck and Shoulder Pain… Price: £17.99 (as of 09/04/2023 19:35 PST- Details)

Get Better Rest On The Road: This travel rest pillow provides multi-angle support, allowing your head and neck to naturally tilt forward and your back to naturally curve. Reducing the pressure on your cervical spine while sleeping on your way.
Easy To Inflate And No Air Leakage: Maliton’s travel pillow uses a new design with large air valve to inflate and deflate. New anti-leakage valve with an inner cover design that allows the pillow’s internal gas to push against the inner cover to prevent air leakage. You only need to lift the inner cover, and the gas can be completely deflated within 5 seconds.
Extra Tall Design: Our inflatable neck pillow is 22.5 inches high, taller than other pillows. Suitable for people of different heights, tall people can also rest comfortably. A tall airplane pillow provides better resting comfort, making it easier to fall asleep and sleep longer on the road.