Personalised Luggage Straps for Suitcases (4 Pack Blue Green Orange Pink) OW-Travel Easy to Spot Sturdy Suitcase Straps… Price:  Original price was: £12.97.Current price is: £10.47. (as of 06/04/2023 19:01 PST- Details)

【Easy To Spot Suitcase Straps】 Bright case straps mean luggage is easy to identify on the Conveyor Belt Carousel. The bright and colourful luggage strap ribbon band stands out like a funky beacon. These long universal non slip adjustable straps are a perfect fit for big 20 – 32 inch suitcases. The bag straps can handle anything from small to large cases, can be used with a backpack or rucksack as a compression strap, suitcase strapping, with carry on cabin luggage or as golf trolley straps.
【Strong and Sturdy】 These luggage straps keep baggage safe and secure. The easily adjustable strap snap buckle strap closure is engineered from super strong ABS ensuring buckles survive the rigors of airport baggage handlers; fits all standard suit case sizes. Unlike nylon straps these heavy duty straps are made from polypropylene which is tough and ideal baggage strap ties. Connect one case strap to another making extra long case straps. Strap Length: 110-200 and Width: 5cm wide.
【Personalised Luggage Straps】 Have an identifier name ID card slot for ease of identification in case other travellers have the same tie down travel luggage straps. Name label ID cards can be easily replaced by cutting a piece of standard card to size. No need to include family names on the luggage identifiers as they can be customised with anything eg a personalised picture or custom logo. No luggage tag required. Straps for bags making for a secure suitcase.